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Residential Cleaning

We provide floor cleaning services as well as upholstery cleaning, kitchen and bathroom cleaning and more for homeowners, renters and anyone who wants their home to look and feel its best.


Commercial Cleaning

General and routine cleaning - including floors, tiles, partition walls, internal walls, suspended ceilings, lighting, furniture and window cleaning.



Project Cleaning

Project site cleaning includes new and refurbished buildings, internals, externals including highrise window cleaning using jet washing and chemical cleaners.


Office Cleaning

We are well experienced in implementing effective cleaning strategies for your office premises, over the years we have overcome many complex cleaning challenges in order to ensure any office environment is productive and condusive.


Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning can be an efficient, cost-effective way to remove corrosion, deposits, residual oils/greases.


High pressure water cleaning

High pressure water cleaning is a method of cleaning with high pressure streams of water to remove build up and debris on the floors, walls, driveways, roads and more.


Factory, complex, office & building contract cleaning

We are experienced in factory cleaning works to meet with tight schedules, particularly important for Production Line Cleaning and Shutdowns when plant downtime has to be minimzed.


Grass cutting Maintenance

Have you been looking for grass cutting services? Have you been too busy and forgot or have been out of town for a while? If, at some point the grass has grown too tall you can get fine! Call us now, and we can fix it for you.